WHAT IS depression:

Low mood is something everyone will experience at different periods within our lives if we are sad or unhappy. Depression, however, is a low mood that lasts for a substantial amount of time, affecting how we live our lives. Depression can affect our sleeping patterns, our thoughts, our eating patterns, our emotions and our energy levels too. Depression doesn’t just go away quickly.


Some common symptoms may include:

  • Persistent low mood

  • Finding little pleasure in activities you usually enjoy

  • Experiencing a loss of appetite or weight

  • Feeling restless

  • Avoiding friends or family

  • Becoming more tearful or frustrated regularly

top tips:

  1. Speak to someone that you love and trust, tell them that you feel different and you want some support. Even just one positive talk could help give your mood a boost!

  2. Focus on the present, don’t think your mood will last forever. Depression is curable and with the right support we will defeat this. 

  3. Try and do something you enjoy, go to the park and see the ducks, go see the sunrise, watch a funny film. Doing things you enjoy will help you breakthrough your low mood. 

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