WHAT IS self-harm:

Self-Harm is the act of purposely injuring yourself to cause pain. Often Self-Harm happens as a way of releasing emotions when a person feels that showing their emotions is wrong or should be hidden.  Self-Harm is a difficult topic to discuss, but it is becoming more and more common with teenagers who believe it provides a temporary relief. Sometimes people refuse to discuss self-harm in the fear of being misunderstood however, now more people are aware of Self-Harm and willing to provide help and support to those in need. 


In 2018 BBC News reported that 22% of 14-year old females in the UK Self-Harm. Self-Harming is  a serious condition that can become addictive  and is affecting people every day. Self-Harm is not for one gender, age or race, anyone can Self-Harm and we want to be here to support you if this is you or someone you know.

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top tips:

  1. Shift your focus, rather than focusing on your anxiety focus on something positive that you enjoy. 

  2. Eat and sleep, your is brain more relaxed when you've had a proper night's sleep and a good amount of food. Sometimes we cause our bodies extra stress by not eating or sleeping right. 

  3. Be kind! Anxiety can make us feel bad about ourselves but remember you are amazing, and you are loved and supported. Reach out to those you love and trust to spend time together talking or going outdoors.